Relationship Problems and Marriage Repair Programme (Relationships)

Relationship Problems and Marriage Repair Programme (Relationships)


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I have put together this programme so that you can work through your relationship problems without the expense of attending counselling sessions but have the benefits of the handouts and exercises my clients have found so helpful. This information is suitable for any committed relationship of any gender combination. On this CD you will find a book in pdf format that explains why relationships fail, and how to spot the warning signs and what to do when they appear. Also in the book are numbered helpful Hints that relate to other files that are practical exercises, laid out in easy to follow word documents, so you can read through them and print them out. So if you feel your relationship has started to deteriorate, or it s lacking in romance, or the situation has got so bad that separation seems the only option, read this book, work through these simple exercises, and see if you can turn things around. It s never too late to try, and at least you will know that you gave it your all. The book and the work sheets will help you to start to make the changes that are needed to create a strong, loving, harmonious, happy union and they will teach you how to maintain this no matter what life throws at you!


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